EP 156: [Republish!] What’s Your Credibility Score? The Top 5% Of Earners Are Doing These “Simple” Things To Build More Credibility In A Cluttered Market w/ Trevor Mauch


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In markets, with little competition, the product and the offering are often the most important factor that a prospect uses to decide what company to work with. But in a cluttered market, with lots of competition, like today’s real estate world… credibility has grown to trump “product” as the main decision factor that can make or break your next deal. So, what are the top 5% of real estate investors and agents doing to build more credibility in the market to make their competition irrelevant while their competition tries tactic after tactic to catch up? Trevor dives into specific examples and lays out his “Credibility Score” theory to help you determine what you should fix asap to build your credibility even more. Listen to our other episodes at www.CarrotCast.com

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