200 - No Matter What


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200 episodes ago I was sitting in a dingy office trying to figure out what this podcast would become. Little did I know it would become a massive success and grow to become one of the top-rated podcasts in the real estate space.

It would be an extreme understatement to simply say that the show has opened a couple of doors for me. Instead, it has propelled my business beyond my wildest dreams.

200 episodes ago on December 11th, 2015 was the day I decided to help other people learn how to escape the rat race. Since then I have had the pleasure of talking to hundreds of you over the phone and at events around the country.

Many people have asked me what my big secret to success is…

Here is what I realized today reflecting back on the last 200 episodes

It begins with No Matter What, listen in to hear the story of what “No Matter What” means to me.

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