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Habit Creation, Workforce Performance, Communication - with guest Luke Thomas

This week I am joined by Luke Thomas. Luke is the Co-Founder of Friday and a former colleague. Friday is building software that aids high-performing people in the habit creation process and improving performance at work. We discuss creating habits, communication tools we all use and how to get people motivated to start a habit.

Questions Answered:

  • How do we build and form habits?
  • How do we get technology to compliment the people doing the work?
  • How do we know which communication tool to use?
  • Why do frameworks resonate with us?

Key Takeaways:

  • Having a trigger dramatically improves the probability that people will do the “thing” (task, habit, etc..)
  • People process seeing emojis as a facial reaction.
  • Text can be easily misinterpreted. Communication channels need to adapt.
  • If you deliver the right thing on the wrong channel, it may not work.
  • When you ask for information that people can provide behind a screen, you tend to get better data.
  • In-person is the richest communication channel

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