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Handling Objections

In this episode, Mike and Jody discuss a listener tip regarding objection handling. We bounce around a bit on this one, but ultimately bring it home with some practical thoughts on objection handling.

TLDR - ask questions, gain context, don't react.

Questions Answered:

  • Do objection handling documents work?
  • Can you build out questions on an objection handling sheet?

Key Takeaways:

  • Objection handling documents can work if you are not just reading off of a script.
  • These documents can help with alignment within an organization.
  • When dealing with a pricing objection, ask “from what perspective?”
  • Don’t interrogate customers, but work to gather a bit more information.
  • If you guess, you only have one chance of guessing right.
  • Rather than answer the objection immediately, take a pause and ask one question.
  • Account plans are a useful tool - You can listen to our account planning podcast here

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