#10086 Communion and Abortion - Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone


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What does the Church say about supporting abortion and receiving the Holy Eucharist? Questions Covered: 20:14 – Since Nancy Pelosi is in this diocese does she present herself to receive communion and is she given it? 22:29 – I want to express my admiration for what the archbishop is doing. He is doing a wonderful job. How can I convince my bishop to follow suit? 30:00 – Why are the bishops speaking out about this after the election and not beforehand? 32:25 – If a person voted for Biden, knowing his stance and movements on abortion, is that person in some way implicit in the abortions that happen as a result? 34:03 – It gives me joy that you are speaking out about this. Will the USCCB issue a more distinct message to the Catholic people before the next elections in 2022? 37:30 – If I am a Eucharistic minister and a person approaches me for Communion who I know practices abortions or directly promotes them, can I refuse them Communion? 43:58 – How do we change the hearts and minds of voters? 48:59 – Is the hesitancy on the part of the bishops to speak out against politicians because of the amount of money that the government gives the bishops? 50:50 – Do you believe that excommunication is warranted for politicians who promote and promulgate laws supporting abortion? …

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