#10094 Why Don’t You Accept the Pope? - Joe Heschmeyer


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Questions Covered: 15:15 – Why should we believe that we’ve had valid popes since Vatican II? 20:32 – I don’t believe in the pope because I don’t know how the papacy was established. 34:02 – I am a recent convert to the eastern orthodox church. I don’t accept the papacy because infallibility of the pope does not excuse the bad popes that have been. How does infallibility deal with a bad pope? 43:03 – I am an Anglican. What are your thoughts on Isaiah 22 and the “keys to the kingdom”? 47:15 – I am a new Catholic. When I have questions, I defer to the Vatican because I feel like it’s all we have from Christ to lead us. Is this a correct way to think about things? …

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