1/18: As Omicron cases continue to surge, there's evidence of light at the end of the tunnel. Airlines warn 5G may cause havoc.


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More than 5.4 million Americans tested positive last week, a new record. As cases spike, there's evidence of light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to Omicron. New details on the end of the synagogue standoff -- from one of the people held hostage. Airlines warn that AT&T and Verizon's latest 5G mobile service could cause airline havoc tomorrow, when it's expected to go live across the U.S. Airline executives claim that hundreds of thousands of flights could be grounded, because the technology can interfere with a plane's landing instruments. In Washington, Senate Democrats plan to start debate on a new voting rights bill -- and will try to change senate rules to get it passed. It is not likely to happen, because of opposition from 50 Republicans and two Democrats. We have a follow-up on the unbelievable video of train tracks in Los Angeles, littered with opened packages. Thieves are stealing and emptying containers filled with consumer goods -- everything from electronics to medications to COVID test kits.

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