09/12: California is one step away from allowing players to be paid. The NCAA is threatening to eliminate state schools from championship competition


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The only thing that awaits California college athletes the inalienable right to make money off their name, image and likeness -- and not face the threat of losing eligibility or a scholarship -- is the signature of state governor Gavin Newsom. It's led to a fascinating showdown between California and the NCAA. There are big-picture consequences that could alter the pillars of amateurism. Matt Norlander and Gary Parrish spend the first 40 minutes of the podcast explaining the actual law at stake, what the NCAA has said, what it can do and how things will play out in the years to come because of all of this. From there, they discuss Wednesday's report (40:20) that former Arizona assistant Book Richardson was willing to pay $40,000 to have a former Arizona player's high school transcript falsified to get him into school. They wrap with the somehow-still-ongoing recruiting of No. 2 2020 recruit Cade Cunningham (56:00). Oklahoma State hired his brother months ago, yet he's still being courted by Kentucky, UNC, Florida and Washington. Uh-oh?

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