1# Crisis Ordinary - Anna Danielewiczand Tomas Palmer


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Studio Lunches was an autonomous podcast project by Chris MacInnes, supported by CCA. Its goal was to open up artists’ practices within Glasgow through conversation, exploring the diverse, obscure and intriguing interests that reside at the heart of this. For this episode I got together with Anna and Tomas to chat about their performance, "Auto Cue". The performance investigated and reconfigured media tropes through the format of the shipping forecast. Of course we talked about the weather! (we recorded this just after the big snow in Glasgow) As well as cruise ships, Brexit and Tony Blair v2.0. Within the discussion A+T guide me through the normalisation of crisis, the shifting Overton window and political futility. And in the process provide some small glimmers of hope beyond the storm. <3 Audio featured: BBC Weather coverage of The Beast from the East storm Trailer for 2015 re-release of Grey Gardens BBC Radio 4 shipping forcast, 14th Nov 2017 Score for Auto Cue by Haider Al Shybani

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