3# Weird Objects: Adrien Howard


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Studio Lunches was an autonomous podcast project by Chris MacInnes, supported by CCA. Its goal was to open up artists’ practices within Glasgow through conversation, exploring the diverse, obscure and intriguing interests that reside at the heart of this. This episode is a loose conversation with Adrien Howard around their exhibition "There is No Visible Route to the Vanishing Point", at Intermedia Gallery, CCA. The exhibition took the form of a single-channel video exploring the occurence of meta-physical events induced by a series of everyday objects. The exhibition, and Adrien's wider practice, touches upon sci-fi, realities and simulations and the gaps in linguistic communication. Here we tried to unpack some of the interests within their work. We chatted about The Lost Room, geological time, posthumanism, zombie shoot 'em-ups and time travel. Hope u like :) Audio featured: There is No Visible Route to the Vanishing Point by Adrien Howard Trailer for The Lost Room Game play from The House of The Dead 3D printer sample from user unfa at freesound.org

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