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Trish MacGregor – as T.J. MacGregor, Alison Drake, and several other names - is the author of 42 novels and several dozen nonfiction books on synchronicity, astrology, tarot, and dreams. Her most recent novel, Skin Shifters – will be published by Crossroad Press in October 2018. She won the Edgar Allan Poe Award in 2003 for her novel, Out of Sight.
Her most recent non-fiction books, co-authored with her husband, Rob MacGregor, is The Secrets of Spirit Communication and Sensing the Future, published in 2017 by Page Street Publishing.
She lives in South Florida with her husband, Rob MacGregor, two noble Golden Retrievers, and a cat.
Rob MacGregor has authored or co-authored numerous self-help books on subjects ranging from synchronicity, spirit contact to yoga and meditation, and explorations of mysteries of the unknown, such as the Bermuda Triangle. His most recent book, SECRETS OF SPIRIT COMMUNICATION: Techniques for Tuning in and Making Contact (co-authored with Trish MacGregor) explores how synchronicity is a key element in making contact with the other side. Rob has also written 21 novels and is best known for his original series of Indiana Jones novels, which he wrote for LucasFilm and Bantam Books.

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