5 Tips in 5 Minutes for Men


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You're a busy guy with lots of pressure at work and the last thing you want to come home to is a challenging child. But that's your life. You are indescribably important and irreplaceable at home. Your wife has been asking you to change and you've resisted. You're on the path to losing your kid, your wife, and half your income. Take literally 6:54 and get 5 quick tips that may just change your family.

When I was a reactive "freak Dad" back in the day, here is what I was really saying to my son:

"I need YOU to behave right now and do what I say...because if you don't behave, I am not sure I can behave...and you do not want to see me angry."

Instead of controlling myself, I was asking a child to manage the emotions of his father.

Ouch. So I hope this is a gentle nudge and encouragement to work on controlling yourself, not your kids..

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