Gods and Monsters


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This episode describes the dramatic filming of the 1931 version Frankenstein - how the studio felt making it was a very risky move - and how the creature became a cultural icon. This podcast also deals with the connection between Mary Shelley, Edgar Poe and Fuseli's The Nightmare!
Link to 1910 Silent Version of Frankenstein from 1910
Link to The Magician - In Hell clip

Link to The Magician - Entire movie

Clips from James Whale’s 1931 Frankenstein

  • Using Frankenstein to illustrate medical concepts?
  • How do you pronounce Laemmie?
  • Why is the creature sometimes called Frankenstein?
  • What other films influenced director James Whale in making Frankenstein?
  • How was Dracula responsible for the production of Frankenstein?
  • How did they come up with the creature’s makeup?
  • How were Frankenstein (and Poe) influenced by a painting called “The Nightmare?”

00:00 Introduction
02:14 Health issues
04:30 Frankenstein invades the theatre/cartoons
08:34 1910 Silent version of Frankenstein
10:05 Concerns from Universal Studios
15:27 Director James Whale and his background
17:55 Movie influences
20:50 Casting for Frankenstein
24:05 Boris Karloff and Frankenstein
27:53 Look and makeup for the monster
32:59 Creation scene
34:41 Notorious or censored sections
36:52 More problems with the movie
39:23 Similarity to The Nightmare and dreams
42:02 Poe and incubus
44:31 Frankenstein’s first screening
47:42 Success of the movie
50:11 Conclusion
52:01 Sources and Outro

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