Celtic Connections - 10/12/2019 - Saint John Paul II’s Prophetic Message


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Title: Saint John Paul II’s Prophetic Message to Ireland Today Host: Kathy Sinnott with Saint Pope John Paul II Pope Saint John Paul II visited Ireland 40 years ago. At that time Northern Ireland experienced a time of civil strife called The Troubles. The pope pleaded on his knees for those engaged in violence to turn to the ways off peace. 40 years on his prophetic voice is once again directed to the North, because a new and even more terrible violence is threatened once more, this time a violence directed most innocent and vulnerable in Ireland inflected by the British Government in Westminster. Little defenseless children in the sanctuary of their mothers wombs. In today’s show we hear his prophetic message in full, speaking to us today about violence and peace and the choice once more that Northern Ireland most face.

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