Celtic Connections - 10/19/2019 - Northern Ireland’s Darkest Hour


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Title: Northern Ireland’s Darkest Hour - Praying for a Miracle Host: Kathy Sinnott and Paul MacAree with guests Liam Gibson and Bernie Smyth. Monday 21st of October could mark a dark day in Irish history. On that day the British Westminster Government has pledged to impose radicalised abortion on Northern Ireland. People of faith are praying constantly for a miracle. We have the latest developments politically and spiritually from the capital Belfast. As perpetual adoration is prayed at St Mary’s Parish Church downtown Belfast, for life, Celtic Connections talks to Laim Gibson, Political Officer for Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. And from the Belfast headquarters of pro-abortion political party Sinn Fein, we join Bernie Smyth of Precious Life, Northern Ireland’s largest pro-life group, praying the rosary and reflecting on God’s power to protect “The North” from imminent British imposed abortion.

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