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Legendary Welsh Stones

British Goblins: Welsh Folk Lore, Fairy Mythology, Legends and Traditions (1881) Book 4 Chapter 3

by Wirt Sikes

Ancient Welsh stones that could move about by themselves and how the Saxon King Edgar the Peaceable passed a law forbidding Stone Worship. How stones could be linked to water, such as the healing powers of Canna's Chair which only worked after drinking from St. Canna's Well. Sikes also tells us about Talking Stones, Expanding Stones and the Stone of Invisibility which is one of the Thirteen Treasures of Britain.

Running Order:

  • Personal Attributes of Legendary Welsh Stones 1:46
  • Stone Worship 2:43
  • Canna's Stone Chair 3:40
  • Miraculous Removals of Stones 4:45
  • The Walking Stone of Eitheinn 5:32
  • The Thigh Stone 6:26
  • The Talking Stone in Pembrokeshire 7:47
  • The Expanding Stone 9:12
  • Magic Stones in the 'Mabinogion' 10:07
  • The Stone of Invisibility 10:15
  • The Stone of Remembrance 11:29
  • Stone Thief-catchers 12:45
  • Stones of Healing 14:09
  • Stones at Cross-roads 15:40
  • Memorials of King Arthur 17:19
  • Round Tables, Carns, Pots, etc. 17:38
  • Arthur's Quoits 19:14
  • The Gigantic Ross-tossers of Old 19:49
  • Mol Walbec and the Pebble in her Show 20:25
  • The Giant of Trichrug 22:10
  • Giants and the Mythology of the Heavens 23:21
  • The Legend of Rhitta Gawr 24:00

Names Used in this Section

All proper names, and words in Welsh or other languages, are recorded here in the show-notes and we've done our best to get the pronounciations right for you.

Canna Eitheinn Mol Walbec Trichrug Rhitta Gawr Edgar the Peacable Canute Carmarthenshire Canna's Stone

Saint Canna's Chair

Llangan Ffynon Canna Parc y Fontwent 'Llangan, dyma'r fan' (Llangan, here is the spot' Nennius Anglesea Cerevus Menai Builth King Arthur Cabal Troynt Carn Cabal Giraldus Maen Morddwyd Hugh, Earl of Chester King Henry I Llechlafar River Alyn St. David's Church, Pembrokeshire St. Gowan's Chapel Caerleon, Monmouthshire Ring of Luned Owen, son of Urien Ring of Gyges Rhonabwy Iddawc Peredur Etlym St. David's, Llanfaes Mowddwy St. Tydecho Maelgwyn Gwynedd Maenhir Dysgwylfa Crumlyn, Monmouthshire Llanberis Canrig Bwt Adrian Denbighshire Llanfihangel Dolwillim River Tawe Merlin River Sawdde Llangadock Mynydd Du Pen Arthur Cader Idris Dolgelly Machynlleth Castle of Hay Llowes Churchyard Hu Gadarn Cadwaladr Rhitta Gawr Brutus Idris Gawr Cymry Côr Gawr Killara Cardiganshire Gwydion Gwyn, son of Nudd

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