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Where do you get your 4th of July music? Mixcloud.com is a new site I have fallen in love with. It is the perfect app for a house 4th of July music mix.

I’ll tell you more about my playlist there and on Apple Music.

Speaking of which, Drake!! Yes, scorpion is out and I want to give my five favorite tracks.

Links, Links, Links for Society—

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Intersection of US Policy:

First Step of Genocide:

My soundcloud

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

US Supreme Court Oh S**T moment:


The Danish Girl:

Ebola Outbreak in Central Africa:

Later in the Culture:

1. 4th of July Music Playlist ideas

2. My 4th of July Music Mix

3. Drake scorpipon

4. Album Review

5. Drake Rumors

6. Top five tracks on drakes album

(Mob Ties, In my feelings, Emotionless, Doesn’t Matter. Finesse, Honorable mention:

Nice for what)

7. They Don’t Have the Range (science sermonette)


8. What have you heard? Avoid HIV

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