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9 Answers to Questions Why Leos are the Best Astrology Sign

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I am sharing with you today, nine (9) answers to your questions that explain why Leos are the best astrology sign.

1. Who are Leo men compatible with? Everyone.

2. How do Leo men apologize? We don’t. At least, not in vain.

3. How do Leo men flirt? With everyone and no one at the same time.

4. How do you know a Leo man is in love? He states it unequivocally.

5. Why do Leo men pull away? We’re not away. We are probably just distracted.

6. Will your Leo man come back? Of course, we always come back. In our own time.

7. Do Leo men cheat? No. We prefer to break up and move on.

8. I feel a Leo force, is there a Leo near me right now? Most likely. You’re welcome.

9. What is your favorite source for daily Leo horoscopes? @naimonujames on Twitter

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Sources: "The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need" by Joanna Martine Woolfold

P.S. My mission is to promote the culturally iconic existence of LGBTQ people of color:

This week, I am recognizing www.NaimonuJames.com for their commitment to the fundamentals of Astrology and getting my life together during the last Total Solar Eclipse.

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