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The title tells you How to be a Minimalist living male, specifically, but that's just because I am a man who is talking to other men. Anyone can share in today's blog post. Not just the minimalist living man. It actually strikes me every year my 2002 car is still makes it through the snow season. In the next year, I have found a car to buy, but it never made sense to replace something that was never broken. Later in the episode, I am going to be sharing with you how I read eBooks (the litty way), some men's minimalist beauty routine products that I think could help you become a minimalist overnight! My minimalist living routine is helping me become the best version of myself. Finally, we'll be revisiting neuroscientist David Eagleman to talk about the evil Prison Industrial Complex. I think minimalist living can be a great way to start dismantling these crazy systems. There is word that the Federal Government is having trouble reuniting children with their immigrant parents. I can't.

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