Ep 3: Misogyny, the OKLETSGO saga, Casual Sexism and Crappy Apologies.


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In ep 3 of Chai Me, Bitch, I finally have another guest (that’s not @preetiplsintern), and she’s none other than @anygalien (on Twitter). She wrote the eye-opening article on Coconuts.co that broke down the OKLETSGO misogyny fiasco very succinctly, so its befitting that she’s my guest as we delve deeper into the topic of misogyny and casual sexism.

Also, special shoutout to @thechaibaba for sending over their Vegan Chai for us to enjoy during this episode!

[Visit https://coconuts.co/singapore/features/the-insidious-problem-of-casual-sexism-and-why-i-called-out-okletsgo/ to read the article @anygalien wrote which sparked a nationwide conversation on misogyny.]

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