The Hidden Cost of Unmet Goals


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It’s exhausting to carry around a goal that we never get any closer to. To have a problem that we can’t solve–or that won’t stay solved. To make the same resolution over and over again.

When you identify something that you want to change - and then don't take action or make progress - you start to pay a sort of psychic tax. Not only do you still have this unmet goal/desire, but you also have the added discomfort of realizing that you're not making progress, not converting intention into action.

Not taking action is not a way to "save energy". It's EXHAUSTING to carry around a goal you never get any closer to.

Key takeaways: 1. Unmet goals get heavier and heavier the longer you carry them around. 2. An unmet goal can be a barrier (or an excuse) to achieving other goals 3. Sometimes, it's wiser to let a goal go than to continue to pay the "interest"

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