The power of story (Brain Science #21)


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Researchers have examined the power of story and discovered the way in which stories provide a framework that has the capacity to transcend language for universal understanding. According to Joe Lazauskas, “Stories illuminate the city of our mind…stories make us remember and they make us care.” In this episode we dive deep into the power of story to explore the ways in which stories play a role in our emotions and in our relationships with others.

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Stories are designed to take you on a journey; a journey you’re more likely to remember and relate with as you are apt to examine ways in which you can see yourself in the story. While our biases can interfere with our understanding of others, stories have the power to circumvent the challenges these pose and allows the opportunity for changes in our attitudes and henceforth our responses. When we’re able to see ourselves in others’ stories, we make others more relatable, and therefore easier to live with and work alongside.

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