Episode 13: Connecting with the Divine with Spiritual Teacher & Soul Facilitator, Anis Lahlou


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Anis shares his spiritual journey, which began with a critical question from a high school teacher.

Inspired by Rumi, Anis thought such persons were of a time long gone until he met the first of two Sufi guides and teachers who led him on a deeper exploration of himself and connection with the Divine.

In this podcast, Anis shares how he became an energy healer and later transitioned into soul healing. The conversation also includes insights on spiritual transmission, sacred sounds, polarity, what veils are, levels of perception, one's original essence & more.

Purification means that you are decreasing the density of anything that is negative, and then going to transmute it, and transform it into something that is very positive.

Connect with Anis at https://anislahlou.com/ for sessions, classes, workshops, retreats & more.

Recorded July 2021

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