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Chapter 3 Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast for readers of science fiction, fantasy and romance! Hosted by Bethany and a rotation of guests, Chapter 3 Podcast keeps you up to date on the latest titles in genre fiction plus topical discussions including: What is dark fantasy and why is it so appealing? How does science fiction engage with questions of humanity and personhood? What does consent in the #MeToo era look like in romance novels? And more! -Episode Structure- * On My Radar - highlighting upcoming book releases in genre fiction & occasional book-related news * Topical Discussion or Interview with Guest - guest rotation includes booktubers and bloggers, indie authors, traditionally published authors, and publishing industry professionals You can download new episodes every other Tuesday! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @Chapter3Podcast for updates. Become a Patron to gain early access to episodes and exciting bonus content! You can also find Bethany on YouTube @BeautifullyBookishBethany talking about even more books.

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