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Campbell, Chung, Flores, Kyles, Meyerson
(Photo: Matt Marton)
The Publicity Club of Chicago today gathered a panel of journalists representing national media organizations. The goal: To help publicists understand how best to work with newsrooms.
Once again, as it has a few times in recent years, the club took me up on my standing offer, "Will Moderate for Food."
So I got to ask the questions of Bloomberg News Chicago bureau chief Elizabeth Campbell, Wall Street Journal Chicago bureau chief Joanna Chung, CNN correspondent Rosa Flores and Ebony editor-in-chief Kyra Kyles.
Among the tips Kyles offered: Don't deliver pitches under unrelated posts to a journalist's Facebook page.
Listen to this, and it'll be just like you're there—minus the salad, bruschetta, chicken, ravioli, fruit and chocolate cake laid out at Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant. (Little of which I had, because—ironically for a guy who pledges to moderate for food—I don't eat much before moderating.)
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