The Charlie Pallilo Show Hour 2 07/12/2019


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Cody kicks off hour 2 talking more about who was happiest and who was most angry about this Chris Paul- Russell Westbrook trade. He also takes a call that draws his attention to the fact that Chris Paul had the ability to come in clutch when the games tight and how Westbrook does not possess that same skill to the level that CP3 does. The caller also points out that Russell has a different playing style than what D’Antoni is used to, so is he going to adjust for Russell, or will he make it mandatory to change his way of game? Cody then talks about how the current rockets players are going to have to adjust to their new teammate’s different playing style. Cody then veers away from NBA to talk MLB and how the Astros had a rough performance yesterday against the Rangers, and what trades and cuts need to happen next year. He closes out the show talking NFL on “Ask Cody.”

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