#115: Benchmarks Worth Testing Yearly (2:00 Drill #15)


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The 2:00 Drill returns! This time around, we're answering your questions about whether we should be doing HSPU, how triathlon training can help someone's CrossFitting, and what kind of benchmark workouts you should be keeping track of.

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Questions Answered:

01:30 - What are your thoughts on HSPU for regular Crossfitters? As a Kinesiologist, I find that even for the advanced athlete, this movement puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on your spine and neck which might be dangerous in the long term.

02:40 - What is the quickest way to increase push-ups for fitness test in LEO setting?

04:20 - I'm a CrossFit coach and I struggle with my presence in the class. I have no problems helping individuals, but when it comes to addressing the class during a WOD, I have a lot of dead moments. I don't know what to say, how to encourage them, and I repeat myself a lot.

07:20 - I’m engaged to a girl I love and want to spend the rest of my life with, but our passions regarding fitness are very different. I’m very active athlete and an L-1 coach, and she is more of an off and on globo gym user. Our heads often butt when it comes to working out & I don’t know what to do about it.

09:50 - What would be 4-5 benchmarks worth recording (mile run, deadlift, etc.) to get a good sense of overall progress year-over-year?

12:00 - I’m a brown belt in BJJ and compete in strongman and local CrossFit competitions. I have a hard time programming around everything. How do you handle training for other sports outside of CF while keeping up with the volume of programming like CompTrain?

14:00 - What are your thoughts on affiliate fees, & more generally, on the value of remaining a CF affiliate?

15:40 - What's the best way to respond to someone telling you something you already know Example: When a coach that doesn't know me well as an athlete tells me I need to position my feet a certain way or lift in a manner that isn't compatible with my body's mobility limitations. Or at work when a co-worker tried to tell me I'm doing something the wrong way when I have more experience and data than they do.

17:30 - Does training for another endurance-based sport such as triathlon have any carry-over to the intensity you can perform at in a CrossFit workouts (assuming you are proficient in all the movements of Crossfit)?

18:40 - I’m 32 and getting ready to go to basic military training. I am in pretty good shape & I feel strong BUT my run time is 12:57 min for a 1.5 mile run. I need to get my run time down to 10:57 or better. Should I add Chris Hinshaw’s aerobic capacity programming? I was told to just run. 2-3 times a week & I just don’t know what to do.

20:40 - Do you have any advice on how to manage or work with members who might be in an overtrained state? How can we recognize it's happening or happened? How do we work with members who might be susceptible to it because they're always doing "extra" on top of class?

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