Tactical Tuesday #17: Online Cash Game Poker Strategy - Ridiculous Rivers


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Tactical Tuesday returns this week with a pair of hand breakdowns by Coach Brad and Jon.
Our heroes both face overbets and find themselves with tricky river decisions despite having very strong hands. Find out what our heroes ended up doing in-game and whether their decisions are CPG approved.
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Hand 1
Hero Hand: KdJc
Hero Position: Big Blind
Effective Stack: 115 BB
PREFLOP: CO raises to 2.48 BB, Hero calls 1.48 BB
FLOP (5.36 BB, 2 Players): Jh 8s 4d
Hero checks, CO bets 1.68 BB, Hero calls 1.68 BB
TURN (8.72 BB, 2 Players): Jh 8s 4d Ks
Hero checks, CO bets 12 BB, Hero calls 12 BB
RIVER (37.72 BB, 2 Players): Jh 8s 4d Ks Qd
Hero checks, CO checks
Hand 2
Hero Hand: AdKh
Hero Position: Big Blind
Effective Stack: 305 BB
PREFLOP: MP raises to 3 BB, Hero calls 2BB
FLOP (6.5 BB, 2 Players): Ac Th 3c
Hero checks, MP bets 2.1 BB, Hero calls 2.1 BB
TURN (10.7 BB, 2 Players): Ac Th 3c Ts
Hero checks, MP bets 7.73 BB, Hero calls 7.72 BB
RIVER (26.15 BB, 2 Players): Ac Th 3c Ts 5h
Hero checks, MP bets 67.5 BB, Hero calls 67.5 BB
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