Tactical Tuesday #18: The One Where Jon Gets Mossed on a Monotone Flop


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Coach Brad and Jon return for another round of hand breakdowns on this week's Tactical Tuesday.
In this episode you'll hear about two hands Jon played recently at $5/$10 6-max cash. Both hands involve tricky monotone flops and both hands result in maximum pain for one of the players involved. Will Jon be the one dishing it out or will he be the one left with nothing but virtual felt in front of him? Find out on today's episode!
Hand 1
Hero Hand: AsKs
Hero Position:UTG
Effective Stack:103 BB
PREFLOP: Hero raises to 2.5 BB, BB Calls 1.5 BB
FLOP (5.5 BB): Kh Th 6h
BB checks, Hero checks
TURN (5.5 BB): Kh Th 6h Ah
BB bets 8 BB, Hero raises 20 BB, BB calls 20 BB
RIVER (45.5 BB): Kh Th 6h Ah Kd
BB bets 164.95 BB and is all-in, Hero calls 81.24 BB and is all-in
Hand 2
Hero Hand: AhQh
Hero Position:SB
Effective Stack:116 BB
PREFLOP: UTG calls 1 BB, BT raises to 3.5 BB, Hero raises to 15 BB, UTG folds, BT raises to 33.5 BB, Hero calls 18.5 BB
FLOP (69 BB): As Ks 3s
Hero checks, BT bets 15.2 BB, Hero calls 15.2 BB
TURN (99.4 BB): As Ks 3s Js
Hero checks, BT bets 13.2 BB, Hero calls 13.2 BB
RIVER (125.8 BB): As Ks 3s Js 9d
Hero checks, BT bets 53.98 BB and is all-in, Hero calls 52.98 BB
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