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Cole and Tara Shiflet are the founders and owners of Solstice Recovery in Wimberley, Texas. Solstice Recovery is a 30 day residential recovery center for men. Unfortunately, due to the impact of COVID, they will be shutting their doors June 1, 2022. If you would like to help out or have questions, please visit their website or email Tara at Cole and Tara are no strangers to the devastation of addiction and they have their own miraculous stories of redemption. Tara informs us on the current dangers of street drugs, how to talk to your kids about it and the signs to look for. Her story is powerful. I hope she can speak to you or someone you know that has the same struggles, and bring hope and light to such a heavy topic. If you know of someone struggling right now with addiction, please visit their website and seek help right away. Staying up to date with information on illegal drugs and how it effects those who partake, is a great start in helping your loved ones.
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