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Wulf Moon is a Pacific Northwest writer. Moon wrote his first science fiction story when he was fifteen. It won the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards--the same contest that first discovered Stephen King, Truman Capote, Joyce Carol Oates and many other iconic names in the arts. This story became his first professional sale when it sold to Science World. His Borg love story won Pocket Books' Star Trek: Strange New Worlds contest. Moon also won a contest by bestselling author Nora Roberts, writing the conclusion to "Riley Slade's Return." Moon's story “Beast of the Month” earned honors from every judge in the history of Writers of the Future, and finally sold to the Strange Beasties anthology from Third Flatiron Publishing. They recently published his story, "War Dog." Both are also featured podcasts on their website,, and they hired Moon to narrate them. “War Dog” is currently ranked #1 in the Critters Readers’ Poll for Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story published in 2018. Moon has narrated numerous podcast episodes for Gallery of Curiosities and Third Flatiron.He is podcast director for Future Science Fiction Digest. Donald Maass of the Donald Maass Literary Agency has represented Moon on one novel, and has requested the epic fantasy he's currently completing, Driftweave.

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