Kat Downs Mulder talks about graphic storytelling and skills in a modern team of journalists


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Kat Downs Mulder is Graphics Director at The Washington Post. She and her team are responsible for infographics, news apps and digital story design at the Post. We met her at the News Impact Summit in Budapest, where Kat was presenting the way they do the graphic work at the Washington Post. We decided that you also need to know this and so we invited her to talk about the Post's graphic development, their different approaches on mobile and social – and on the newspaper. In the end you may find out what Kat is looking for in a perfect team member, but see for yourself ;) Kat Downs Mulder TW: twitter.com/katdowns FB: facebook.com/katdowns Links Post Graphics: twitter.com/PostGraphics Open Source Tools by Knight Lab: https://knightlab.northwestern.edu/projects/

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