Interview with Imoh "Son of David", author of "The Ultimate Curse On Mankind"


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Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network (All Black! All News! All You!) This segment isCBBN Business Journalswhere we interview business owners and other innovators from around the world. Interview with Imoh "Son of David", author of the book entitled "The Ultimate Curse On Mankind" Imoh, once dubbed by a local blogger in his home country "the Bertrand Russell of Africa", Imoh "Son of David" is an artist and a publisher of a local entertainment magazine in his home country Nigeria. A lover of science, Imoh is an outspoken activist and a humanist who has engaged countless times in debates, speech and writings against organized religion, superstitions, bad politics and brings deep argument and philosophy into social issues. The "Ultimate Curse on Mankind" by Imoh "Son of David" is the modern expression of this age long fight between reason and superstition. With a masterpiece of a powerful delivery with the ink, the book can make even the most religious monk denounce faith and sack any preacher from the pulpit. As an artist and a writer, he appreciates the aesthetics and intellectual pursuit. You may view details at: LULU Ms. Sonja Cassandra Perdue Executive Producer Chicago's Black Business Radio Network

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