Chick Cave Podcast #4: Where Gaming, Faith, and Chick Chat intersect!


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Welcome to the Chick Cave Podcast! Episode: 4 It is : 8 22 2020 I am Rainna and I am joined by my sister Eva! We welcome you to our digital Chick Cave! Lady Lair! She Shed! In each episode we will be talking about a variety of things ! We welcome you to participate in the show by commenting in the youtube channel comments or emailing the show at or by reaching out to the show at @chickcavepod on twitter:) ! You can follow me on twitter at @RainnaSwiftSage and Eva @Eva_Chats ! There is also a voicemail option from , just click the button and leave your message. Setting Healthy Boundaries Twitch streamer 8bitDylan Jasmine Thompson Playlist Swell App Fall Guys Warcraft :Starting our Guilds Diminished Expectations on Bleeding Hollow Horde and Alliance Proudmoore Staying up way too late Streaming from our joint account Twitch Channel called DiminishedExpectations Complete Show-Notes can be found here : --- Send in a voice message:

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