Chick Cave Podcast #7: Where Gaming, Faith, and Chick Chat intersect!


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Welcome to the Chick Cave Podcast!

Episode: 7

It is :10/18/2020

I am your host Rainna and I am joined by my co host and sister Eva!

We welcome you to our digital Chick Cave! Lady Lair! She Shed!

In each episode we will be talking about a variety of things !

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You can follow me on twitter at @RainnaSwiftSage and Eva @Eva_Chats !

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Evas 1Top five weird things I remember from my childhood

  1. Trolls and not the internet trolls.
  2. Chat rooms
  3. Talking fish plaques
  4. Fighting over scented markers
  5. Hard as rock sandals with socks and white keds
    Top five weird things I remember from my childhood

Rainnas Top five weird things I remember from my childhood

1 Creepy family Picnic food

2 Lawn ornaments were the social media statuses of our day.

3 Lawn Darts

4 Quicksand was in movies and cartoons so much I thought it was a real daily threat until I grew up and have yet to see or fall in a pop-up patch of quick sand .

5 Tossing kids into the back of the pick up truck without a second thought for safety. I clutch my pearls when I see people have dogs back there.

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