Overcoming Licensing Challenges with Danielle Paige


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I am thrilled to welcome Danielle Paige back to the podcast! She first appeared in episode 60 and today we are going to talk all about licensing. Danielle now owns two centers, Academic Explorers, in New York and she talks us through how she expanded to her second location. She shares some of the challenges she overcame during licensing, what she might have done differently, how she chose her second location, what sets her brand apart, and more. Danielle also shares how she can help YOU with your licensing goals.

Key Takeaways:

[1:31] Danielle shares what it's like being an offsite owner to her two New York-based schools.

[3:47] Danielle discusses what the jump has been like going from owning one school to two.

[6:16] Kris asks Danielle if there is anything she would do differently during her opening process if she could do it over again.

[9:35] Danielle shares what she believes sets her centers apart from the rest in her area in terms of branding.

[16:15] Danielle gives a personal scoop on what's going on at home with her.

[19:22] Danielle shares her story of how she overcame a troubling relationship with her licensing rep.

[29:09] Kris asks Danielle what features she was looking for while looking for a second location and how she was able to get it up and running so quickly after closing on the deal.

[35:05] Danielle talks about her journey to becoming a child care licensing consultant, how she can help child care owners with their licensing goals, and how you can reach out to her directly for questions and help.

[40:10] Danielle shares some of her favorite go-to websites for business and market research news.


  • “Instead of using binder systems we put everything on the computer in a Cloud so we can all access it.” — Danielle
  • “Making a phone call or trying to reach out to get known in the community before stepping in is something I would have done a little differently.” — Danielle
  • “Every decision we make as owners is done with love in our hearts and that makes tough decisions really hard for us.” — Danielle
  • “You want to pull those heartstrings into your marketing and leverage what you’re already doing.” — Kris
  • “We’re not scared of licensing anymore.” — Danielle
  • “Just pointing people in the right direction is what I do because when I first started, I didn’t have anybody to do that for me.” — Danielle

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