36: Embracing The Duality of Life (Hippie & Business) with Greg Gagnon


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Greg mentions throughout the episode that he has a hippie half but also a business half.

For his business half- Greg owns multiple UPS stores out in San Diego and is a shareholder for a company called Koog Bar. On the other side, he is the founder of the Thrive Barefoot Movement which promotes thriving in life and being barefoot. He also meditates, reads, surfs, etc.

Kinda opposite right?

I think this concept of duality is prevalent throughout all our lives. Whether its balancing the future/present, being ourselves/ being in community, or even nature vs. technology. There's countless things that contrast but at the same time can go together.

It's a struggle but like my buddy Jared says- "A Beautiful Struggle". I don't think there's really a right answer for any of it but I think it's great to embrace and learn about all the different aspects. For instance, you wouldn't think mindfulness would have anything to do with business and vice versa but, in fact, they can go hand in hand.

Being mindful can clear the mind for good business whereas being good at business can enable your mind not to worry about money/shelter etc.

Beforehand, I didn't think this idea of duality was going to be the clear cut concept I took away from this interview, but after recording and re-listening I couldn't get it out of my mind.

We also discuss:

  • Hustling Candy in School
  • Career Arc of Becoming a Business Owner
  • Crushing It At Life (On the Outside)
  • Finding Sobriety
  • Breaking Down Authentic Self/ Who you Are
  • Man Code
  • Challenges of Being Barefoot

Hope you guys enjoy as much as I did!

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