Ep 106: The design agency behind the rebranding of iconic Chinese cosmetic brands


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Matthieu David interviews Matthieu Rochette-Schneider, Greater China General Manager at centdegrés. Building a brand in China might look like a very different process than the way brands are built in the West. But there are many businesses in China that were very fortunate to have the veteran brand builders from centdegrés on their side. They've been in China for more than a decade and if you ask anybody from centdegrés if they are a French agency or a Chinese agency you will get the inevitable response: "centdegrés is centdegrés". Let's find out why in this new China Paradigm interview. 0:15 Guest introduction 2:11 centdegrés - a company history 3:15 centdegrés - current company size in China 5:48 7 years in China - how many brands trust centdegrés their business? 7:47 An adventurous mind - branding came early to China thanks to centdegrés 9:19 China - a reasonable size of centdegrés 12:00 The centdegrés approach to branding 14:37 Managing the core of the business - Creativity 18:58 The centdegrés work process 24:02 Start and end point - the centdegrés brand building journey 27:22 The tools centdegrés provides their clients with to make them successful 29:58 How does centdegrés manage to stay competitive? 33:16 It's never to early to start pitching ideas 36:19 Leveraging the heritage of China - examples of successful Chinese brands 42:40 Brand domination - is it China's time to shine? 48:15 Case Study - what did centdegrés did for MG Mask? 53:27 Case Study - branding HAPSODE 54:32 Brands and politics don't mix - setting up Chinese-Korean business link 56:35 Case Study - bringing Marvel to Sephora 1:00:00 What books have inspired Matthieu Rochette-Schneider in his career? 1:03:25 What does Matthieu Rochette-Schneider read to stay up to date with China? 1:05:00 What book or movie about China does Matthieu Rochette-Schneider recommend? 1:06:25 Should Matthieu Rochette-Schneider have extra time what other business would he pursue? 1:07:38 What unexpected success and failure has Matthieu Rochette-Schneider witnessed in China? 1:10:00 Outro Building an event-native agency in China's digital world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui4wkQPoi6c Learn more about centdegrés: https://www.centdegres.com/ Listen & Subscribe: Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/china-paradigms-daxue Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/china-paradigms/id1450916630 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/78qDpsYgQXWrkPpJyZJLtx YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2y6ixpQB1WIs6GMdUeoq4g?view_as=subscriber Website: https://chinaparadigm.com/ Thanks for listening! If you like what you hear, do us a favor and write a review on iTunes. What is China Paradigms Podcast?

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