88: Covering Chinese Tech Scene For The West


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Matthieu David interviews TechNode.com’s editor in chief John Artman. In this China paradigm’s podcast, we get an insight into the Chinese tech scene as we discuss what makes great tech news and what makes TechNode the best resource for staying up to date with the Chinese tech market. How is the tech scene different in China compared to the West? What is TechNode’s business model and how influential are they in promoting new technology in China? Let’s find out! Skip to the highlights: 0:10 Guest introduction and work history 7:34 Handling the Chinese tech info – TechNode’s editorial line management 9:51 Picking out the best topics – what is newsworthy for TechNode? 12:25 TechNode and TechCrunch – what unites them and what makes them different? 19:21 TechNode’s business model – much more than media 23:52 TechNode’s business philosophy – the customer is the end-user 27:44 Podcasting in China vs podcasting in The West – “Conversations are just fun!” 37:55 Complying with censorship in China 41:46 TechNode’s podcast – who are their listeners? 44:39 Why are so many tech companies failing on the Chinese market? 49:08 What are some of the misconceptions that the West has regarding the Chinese tech scene? 54:19 What resources would John Artman recommend for staying up to date with business in China? 56:25 Outro Learn more about TechNode: https://technode.com/ Listen & Subscribe: Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast... YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2y6... Website: http://chinaparadigm.com/ Thanks for listening! If you like what you hear, do us a favor and write a review on iTunes. What is China Paradigms Podcast? China Paradigms is the China Business Podcast for entrepreneurs and China watchers. Learn from business professionals in China on our China Paradigms.

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