Ep 91: Is the Golden Age for Psychotherapy In China yet to Come


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Matthieu David interviews David Ammerschlaeger, a psychotherapist and executive & corporate coach at Excellence for Professionals and PsiCare blog author. Practicing psychotherapy in China is truly a paradigm. The economical layout, the way healthcare is provided there and may other factors come into play when trying to develop a proper framework for psychoanalysis. How much of an issue of mental healthcare in China and how easy it is to have access to a professional therapist? Let’s find out in this new China Paradigm podcast! Skip to the highlights: 0:10 Guest introduction and company history 5:15 EforP’s business model 7:43 EforP’s partners – who are they and what do they handle? 10:53 Practicing psychotherapy in China – what is required to be a psychologist compared to the West? 21:54 Are there any studies that can help a psychotherapist develop patterns of approach to therapy in China? 26:06 The China Paradigm of Psychotherapy - how different is practicing psychotherapy in China? 30:32 Can the same framework of psychotherapy be applied in China? 35:24 Meeting a Therapist – how much does it cost in China? 43:40 Mental healthcare is for life – the process of improving one’s self 48:24 Curing a disease or improving mental health? – conquering the stigma of going to therapy 51:50 Finding their way to therapy - how accessible is going to a therapist in China? 57:38 When do people usually come into therapy? 1:02:40 Finding a therapist through social networking in China 1:03:45 Does group therapy work in China? 1:07:05 What does David read to stay up to date with China? 1:08:13 Should David have extra time what other business would he be involved in? 1:12:00 What unexpected failure has David witnessed in China? Learn more about Excellence for Professionals: http://eforp.com/ Listen & Subscribe: Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast... YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2y6... Website: http://chinaparadigm.com/ Thanks for listening! If you like what you hear, do us a favor and write a review on iTunes. What is China Paradigms Podcast? China Paradigms is the China Business Podcast for entrepreneurs and China watchers. Learn from business professionals in China on our China Paradigms.

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