PSS-270 - PSS-270: Utsuro-bune (MS-003 toy-keyboard)


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Composed in 2019. I made this song using as the only instruments' source a very low-tek toy-keyboard: MS-003 (also called Music Fairy, hehehe). It's an extremely cheap and extremely plastic machine (also in its sound :-P ). It is actually sooo low-tek, that it has no headphones output! Hence I had to sample sounds via microphone - later I used MilkyTracker as a sequencer. Cannot play by hand this time, as the keyboard's clicks would be audible. But MilkyTracker does do the job perfectly. I recorded all the instruments + some loops, noise-gated them, normalized - and so on. The toy-keyboard has no bass (at least not for the user to play with), so I had to sample the lowest possible note of the guitar and later I used it here as the bass :-) ). Also - actually I always wanted to try this method of using toy-keyboards - to sample those lo-fi instruments and put them into some normal, modern sequencer. Btw, the toy was a Christmas gift from my girlfriend, haha! ;-) Thanks!! :D OK then, enjoy the casio-core Utsuro-bune adventure. :-) 2019 Creative Commons CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

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