CBM 066 : How to Double Your Patients and Double Your Practice! - Guest: Dr. Jay Morgan

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Dr. Jay Morgan is a Board of Trustee member for Parker University, Dallas Texas. He is also an internationally Known And Respected Chiropractic Consultant. He actively provides Chiropractic Practice Management To Over 500 Offices World Wide. With $100,000 in Yearly Collected Increases, he has Consulted with over 8,000 offices worldwide. Dr. Morgan is founder and developer of Chiropractic Associates one of the nation’s largest Chiropractic Clinics, seeing over 800 patients per week, with $1,000,000 plus yearly collections! He is also a former Vice President of Gibson Management, one of the most respected chiropractic consulting firms in the profession post graduate instructor for chiropractic colleges, associations, re-licensure. With over 30 years experience. He has also coached European Chiropractors. Dr. Morgan specializes in one on one coaching, instruction, support, motivation and management.

Show Notes

  • His mentor: Dr. Charles (Chuck) Gibson
  • Students think diplomas will make them successful, but they are unrealistic and underfunded.
  • Seasoned docs seem to isolate themselves because they are burnt out.
  • About cash practice – “Your practice is a pie” – 60-70% should be cash, one slice should be insurance, one slice P.I.
  •  “Copy what works rather than create what doesn’t.”
  •  Full turn-key support for the coaching program at $149/month.
  •  New patients are the #1 need for a successful chiropractor.
  •  Collections are #2 concern for chiropractors.
  •  Consistent and regular chiropractic care is necessary for health.
  •  It is easier to shorten a long recommendation rather than lengthen a short-term recommendation.
  •  Over-recommending and Under-recommending
  •  Marketing: personal contact is #1. No-no’s – newspaper ads.
  •  Groupon – high amount of people but many not interested in long-term care.
  •  Actionable content: Mission statement, Goals, Map out a strategy, Get financed.
  •  “Your practice is like a river, have a lot of tributaries”
  •  To launch a practice today, $60-75K – lean and clean, low overhead.
  •  Breaking even – average doc takes 2 years. His clients – 120 days.
  •  “Keep balance” – work, family, friends, etc.
  •  Success = Dr. Charles Gibson
  •  Daily rituals: Get up! Make Checklists!
  •  Book: Shut up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life by Larry Winget
  •  Best business advice – Have a mentor.
  •  Contact:

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