CCATP #617 – Bart Busschots on PBS 87 of X — JavaScript Iterators Objects & Generator Functions


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I'm not going to lie, this episode of Programming By Stealth with Bart Busschots was a bit head bendy. Bart explains JavaScript Iterator Objects and Generator functions but without his excellent examples I'm certain I would never have been able to get the concepts to even slightly congeal in my brain. Iterator Objects and Generator functions are some of the joys of ES6 and have great value.

That value is demonstrated in the succinctness of the code Bart writes for us to create a Fibonacci series in a beautiful web form. That work, by the way, is a bonus challenge if you're done with your homework from the previous episodes. As you listen along, if you hear us yelling "spoiler alert" and making alarming noises, that's when Bart's solution to the challenge is about to be described. It's a rare instance where I actually let you have one chapter mark in Programming By Stealth so you'll be able to jump back to the solution after you're done with your own solution.

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