#66 - Ben & Brees are down & out, Week 2 Headlines, Packers & Eagles Film Deep Dive, and "Damn! Okay"


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Simms & Paul Burmeister recap a chaotic and eventful Week 2 that saw a pair of Super Bowl winning QBs go down, a Hall of Famer struggle with a new system, and an offensive mastermind crack the code.

(3:30) Big Ben is done for the year; are the Steelers done as well?

(7:05) Drew Brees is out for a couple months; Simms thinks the answer at QB is on the roster, and his name isn't Teddy Bridgewater

(11:50) Give Me The Headline, Part 1: the Bears are holding Mitchell Trubisky back, and why Dak is already an MVP candidate

(21:00) "Damn! Okay": Kyle Shanahan found the Konami code for the Bengals defense, Josh Allen is just like Christopher Walken, and props to a group of Chiefs not named Patrick Mahomes

(33:45) Vikings-Packers Film Deep Dive: analyzing the Rodgers-LaFleur sideline spat, how the Packers offense will eventually break through, and some very troubling signs from Kirk Cousins

(51:40) Give Me The Headline, Part 2: the Dolphins are a college team, Lamar has us asking for LaMORE, the Jaguars play-calling is a disaster, and Jacoby Brissett comes through in the clutch

(1:04:30) Eagles-Falcons Film Deep Dive: Jim Schwartz gets way too aggressive (again), Carson Wentz gets way too aggressive, and a fading star RB might be done

(1:20:00) "I Checked The Rule Book" ... and tight ends aren't franchise left tackles

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