#67 - Film Deep Dive: How to fool Baker, Lamar Jackson the passer & Teddy vs Taysom; plus Phil Simms on the end of the Eli Era


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It's another Deep Dive Wednesday as Simms gets into the Week 2 film with Paul Burmeister. Big Phil reacts to the end of the Eli Manning Era. Plus, Chris says which 0-2 teams he hasn't given up on yet.

(2:35) Browns-Jets: How defenses are trying to fool Baker Mayfield

(13:10) Saints-Rams: Jared Goff isn't aggressive, and that's ok

(26:10) Teddy Bridgewater's performance and why Taysom Hill gives the Saints a better chance

(32:00) Seahawks-Steelers: How Pittsburgh's offense had problems even before Big Ben's injury

(35:40) Why the Seahawks defense needs Jalen Ramsey

(44:00) Big Phil discusses the Giants benching Eli for Daniel Jones

(1:02:15) Phil takes us back to when the Giants released him

(1:10:00) 49ers-Bengals: The only question for the 49ers offense is Jimmy G

(1:18:10) Cardinals-Ravens: "we're seeing Lamar Jackson grow right in front of us"

(1:25:40) "Kyler Murray is a baller"

(1:30:35) Chiefs-Raiders: the unheralded strength of the KC offense

(1:38:10) "Make Me Feel Better About My Team" - Which two 0-2 teams may not be doomed yet?

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