#75 - Week 5 Recap: So You Want To Be a Gruden, the Colts run over the Chiefs & what's wrong with the Cowboys?


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Chris & Ahmed react to Jay Gruden's firing, touch on every game in Week 5 and dive deep into Colts-Chiefs & Packers-Cowboys. Ahmed has a pop quiz for Chris on a stunning Redskins stat, and Chris gets to sing for one of his QBs.

(2:20) Redskins fire Jay Gruden

(7:25) How much is Bruce Allen to blame?

(11:30) Pop quiz: Who was the last Redskins All-Pro?

(12:40) Patriots-Redskins "The best offenses in the NFL are running the football"

(14:15) Bears-Raiders "I haven't seen the Bears front pushed around like that in a while"

(20:35) Film Deep Dive #1: Chiefs O vs Colts D "The Chiefs just won't run the ball"

(30:40) Colts O vs Chiefs D "Quenton Nelson is maybe the best O-lineman in football"

(39:00) Falcons-Texans Chris sings Deshaun Watson's praises

(41:55) Buccaneers-Saints & Jaguars-Panthers "You mean you don't need a franchise QB to win a game?"

(47:25) Ravens-Steelers "Only 1 of Lamar's Jackson's INTs were his fault"

(50:55) Film Deep Dive #2: Packers O vs Cowboys D "I worry about Dallas vs good quarterbacks"

(58:30) Cowboys O vs Packers D "The Cowboys try too hard to put on a show"

(1:04:45) Damn! Okay - A QB rebounds, a 2nd-year WR breaking out, and rookie coaches get their first wins

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