#80 - Week 7 Picks: Upset brewing in Green Bay, Ramsey's LA debut, & Florio's Vikings guarantee


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Simms & Florio pick every game against the spread for Week 7:

(0:45) Florio tells the story of how he got his first Vikings jersey

(5:10) TNF: Chiefs at Broncos "The formula is out there for keeping it close with the Chiefs"

(9:35) Rams at Falcons "We both wanna get our popcorn ready to see how Jalen Ramsey fits"

(13:40) Dolphins at Bills "I think Ryan Fitzpatrick will give the Dolphins a lift."

(17:25) Jaguars at Bengals "Are you deliberately saying 'Bangles' now??"

(23:00) Vikings at Lions "I guarantee you if the Vikings win, I will wear a Kirk Cousins jersey next Thursday."

(28:55) Raiders at Packers "I like that Jon Gruden's had 2 weeks to prepare for this game."

(35:10) Texans at Colts "If they lose, you've gotta get past this smitten-with-the-quarterback thing."

(39:45) Cardinals at Giants "The Giants are not athletic up front, and that scares me against Kyler Murray."

(43:05) 49ers at Redskins "The Shanahan motivation will be a factor."

(47:55) Chris explains the time he legitimately wanted to kick Florio's ass

(50:00) Chargers at Titans "I do think we could see Philip Rivers playing for the Titans next year."

(54:00) Saints at Bears "This is the best offense the Bears have played to this point."

(59:20) Ravens at Seahawks "I'm intrigued by Earl Thomas and his knowledge of Russell Wilson."

(1:07:40) Eagles at Cowboys "The Eagles bread-and-butter plays are just not good enough."

(1:13:30) Patriots at Jets "Gregg Williams can throw some things are the Patriots that they're not ready for."

(1:17:15) Mike & Chris go all road teams for their Best Bets

(1:22:00) Florio has a motivational message for Richard Sherman

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