FROM AMIENS TO ARMISTICE 15 | Battlefield Tour Day 3 - Glade of the Armistice


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A series of podcasts commissioned by UCL INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION'S FIRST WORLD WAR CENTENARY EDUCATION PROGRAMME to mark the CENTENARY of the BATTLE OF AMIENS on 8 August 1918. In August 2018, students from across the United Kingdom joined students from France, the United States, Canada and Australia on the Western Front to commemorate the Battle of Amiens. This podcast series, recorded mostly during that battlefield tour, tell the story of the Battle of Amiens in the wider context of the First World War and the road to armistice. In this podcast, PROFESSOR SIR HEW STRACHAN reflects on the last stop in the tour, the GLADE OF THE ARMISTICE in the FOREST OF COMPIEGNE. IMAGE | This photograph was taken in the forest of Compiègne after reaching an agreement for the armistice that ended World War I. This railcar was given to Ferdinand Foch for military use by the manufacturer, Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits. Foch is second from the right. Press photo published all over the world. F.ex. Jan D?browski "Wielka wojna 1914-1918" ( The Great War 1914-1918) Warsaw 1937, Public Domain, PRODUCTION | ChromeRadio for UCL INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION'S FIRST WORLD WAR CENTENARY EDUCATION PROGRAMME | Executive Producer - Simon Bendry | Producer - Catriona Oliphant | Post-production - Chris Sharp.

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