THE BRITISH HOME FRONT 35 | Wales - Chris Williams


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Welcome to the BRITISH HOME FRONT IN THE FIRST WORLD WAR. This series was recorded at the UNIVERSITY OF ST ANDREWS in June 2018 to accompany a conference marking the contribution by the peoples of the British Isles to the national war effort. In this podcast, PROFESSOR CHRIS WILLIAMS, Head of the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE CORK, talks about the impact of the First World War on Wales. IMAGE | Welsh language conscription poster - Military Service Act 1916, British Government - Parliamentary and Joint Labour Recruiting Committees (publisher/sponsor) Poster No 164. Wt W 17398/788. Photograph Art IWM PST 5029 from the collections of the Imperial War Museums. Public Domain ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS With thanks to JOHN CAWTHORN and the 1926 FOUNDATION for making this podcast series possible, and to the DEPARTMENT FOR DIGITAL, CULTURE, MEDIA AND SPORT and the SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT for supporting the Conference. PRODUCTION | ChromeRadio for the UNIVERSITY OF ST ANDREWS | Music performed by the PIPES AND DRUMS of the ROYAL SCOTS DRAGOON GUARDS | Series Editor - Professor Sir Hew Strachan | Producer - Catriona Oliphant | Post-production - Chris Sharp.

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