09/06/20 Sun. Cheating Pastor, Sinning Christians; Kingdom of Heaven?


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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, September 6, 2020: Can you sin as a Christian? Black pastor John Gray cheated on his wife. What is the Kingdom of Heaven like to you? After a few opening questions and comments, we talk about the question: Can you sin as a Christian? A well-known TV preacher John Gray admitted to cheating on his wife. How would you feel if he were your pastor? Should he stay or resign? Did he sin? Jesse also has a conversation with a mother about apologies and forgiveness. We talk about white Americans being forced to admit they have “privilege.” Toward the end, Jesse answers the Biblical Question: What is the Kingdom of Heaven like to you? He also asks the new Biblical Question: Do people change? BLOG POST: https://rebuildingtheman.com/09-06-20-sun-cheating-pastor-sinning-christians-kingdom-of-heaven/ TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Starting Church stream 1:44 Welcome to Church! 5:51 Overreacting 9:28 Can Christians sin? 12:04 Pastor John Gray cheated 50:35 Sinning Christians judging 1:09:30 Talking with a mother 1:17:25 White privilege? 1:29:09 Bib Q: Kingdom of Heaven 1:42:13 Last questions 1:47:09 Support BOND Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, live Sunday 11 AM PT from BOND in Los Angeles. Call-in: 888-77-JESSE (1-888-775-3773) https://rebuildingtheman.com/church Call BOND for counseling, to donate, buy books, to join our mailing list, or for more info: 800-411-BOND (1-800-411-2663) https://rebuildingtheman.com

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